Which Dresses Suit Skinny Girls The Most?

Most people assume that slim girls are lucky because they can wear anything and look good in it. But the fact is, dressing up can be really tricky if you have a skinny frame. However, by investing in some key fashion items and avoiding some fashion no-no’s, a girl with a skinny body type can make heads turn. So, here are some style tips for ultra slim girls, brought to you by FD&K, the leading online store for the latest fashion clothings.

Peplum dresses

You can add curves to your frame with peplum style dresses and tops. Since peplum is already an exaggerated style, you should try to keep your accessories to a minimum. To accentuate your waist, wear a short and cute jacket with your peplum dress or top. To add volume to your hips, you can wear a dress with a puffy peplum that ends in the mid-section of your hips.

Skater dresses

The way a skater dress flies out from the waist creates a flattering and feminine shape and makes you look less skinny. Add layers to your skater dress: wear a cardigan with it for a feminine day look. You can buy the best skater dresses online by visiting FD&K. Skinny belts paired with a skater dress will add shape to your outfit and accentuate your small waist.B00KLCP17O_1

Bodycon dress

The right way to wear a bodycon midi dress if you are skinny is to stick to thicker fabrics that will help shape your body, instead of just clinging to it. You can even wear a stylish belt on your hips to give the illusion of more curves in that one area.

Which colours to wear?

Colour is an important factor to consider when choosing any dress. Avoid wearing black and other dark tones that have slimming features. Go for whites and other bright colours to look fuller.

Getting dressed becomes a lot more fun and easier when you know which dresses work the best for your shape. Use the above style tips from FD&K’s fashion experts and select the most stylish dresses at highly discounted prices, by visiting their website http://www.FDandK.com/.

They have the best and exclusive collections of floral skater dress, sequin party dresses, bodycon dresses online and many more styles from top brands to make you look like a diva.


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