Discover The New You With Great Style Tips By FD&K

As the season changes, we all crave for a different look to make us feel fresh and rejuvenated. But you don’t have to make drastic changes in your appearance to look different! Simple changes in your wardrobe can help you reinvent your image effortlessly. Here are some style tips by FD&K, the London-based ex catalogue clothing specialists, to help you discover your new you every day.

Changing your look is easy

If you are just following one style on a daily basis because you are comfortable wearing that type of clothes and accessories, then you are definitely missing fun and excitement. By trying some trendy ex floral skater dresses from top brands or by simply experimenting with your hair and with a couple of accessories, you can change your look entirely.To make easy changes to your appearance, consider the following:

Using scarves: The easiest way to change up an outfit is to use scarves. For example, winding a scarf around your neck instantly makes your plain jeans and T-shirt look more stylish. You can also use your favourite scarf as a pretty belt substitute.

Using jackets:  Stash different jackets in your closet to make quick changes on the fly that are much easier and noticeable.

Jewellery:  A statement piece can instantly jazz up your look. For example, you can use a stylish neckpiece with a beautiful stone and beaded trinkets to glam up any dress.

Experiment with dresses:  There are many dresses available today on reputed shopping websites like FD&K. You can choose from their wide selection of dresses. The more dresses you try, the easier it will become for you to figure out what looks best on you. From trendy skater dresses to sultry ex bodycon dresses online from top brands, you get the best brands here at very affordable prices. Here is a super quick guide to help you choose a dress in accordance with your body type:

Skinny girls: Peplum dresses.

Bottom-heavy: Go for A-line dresses.

Nipped waist dresses: To create the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Hour glass figure: Pencil dresses.

Short legs: High waist dresses.

Fashion fades, but style is eternal. You only have one life, so why be boring? Always look your best and visit FD&K’s online store to discover the most stylish dresses: find the ex Jane Norman dress of your dreams, ex Topshop clothes, ex Dorothy Perkins products and many more fabulous brand new and branded items that will make you not only look great but also feel like a million dollars when you wear them. From ex skater dresses online from top brands to stylish party gowns, FD&K have exciting ex branded clothing which will suit any style. All branded, exclusive, and highly discounted.


Try The Best Party Dresses This Season

Choosing the correct party outfit can be a difficult task. From sequined gowns to ex long floral bodycon dresses from top brands, there are so many options at hand. If you have been invited to a party and are still wondering what to wear, don’t worry! In this article, FD&K, a London-based off-price online fashion retailer offering ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing lines and accessories will discuss some of the best party outfits to try this season so that you look absolutely stunning.

Classic cocktail dress

Whether you go for a flirty strapless ex bodycon dress from a top brand or a flowy one, there’s no better party outfit than the classic cocktail dress. Check out the gorgeous designs FD&K have on offer and we are more than confident you will be able to create a very elegant and feminine style. Some details on certain dresses will give feminine grace to your outfit and make you really stand out.

Opt for a floor length gown

If you have been invited to a formal party, go for a floor length gown and arrive in style! You’ll look absolutely stunning with a cascading gown and its timeless look. Features like a plunging neckline, an empire waist or pleats will give you a party-ready look.

Say yes to flares

A dress with a flared design will give you all the style you need for an unforgettable party. Say yes to the most stylish collections of floral skater dresses available at FD&K’s ex catalogue clothing store. The UK-based company really brings forth the most fashionable styles at highly discounted prices. Their online shop reflects some of the most recent trends and the very best of London’s women street style. You may even go for lace styles with quirky cut out details! Complete your look with the right accessories and you are sure to make heads turn.

Choose to wear an ex bodycon midi dress from top brand

A sparkling ex bodycon midi dress from a top high street brand in a well-chosen colour that captures and reflects the light beautifully is the kind of dress you must try to wear this season. Ex bodycon midi dresses from well-known brands, if accessorized properly, can make you the star of the evening. At FD&K, you can find gorgeous ex Lipsy London dresses such as bodycon midi dresses and many other on-trend, quality yet cheap ex branded clothes online. From party dresses to casual dresses, they have the most stylish collections to glam up your everyday look.

So, what are you waiting for? Start celebrating your next party in style with the amazing dresses available at FD&K. Choose from the most stylish and exclusive range of branded dresses. From skater dresses to bodycon dresses online, they have got a ton of styles for women to bring out the diva in you. They provide fantastic customer service and ship worldwide. They have a generous rewards program too. To check out their amazing and exclusive range of branded products, visit Top brands, small prices.