What To Wear When You Shop

Going shopping with friends isn’t just about shopping. It’s also about having a good time with them and looking your best. Whether you decide to sport a pretty floral skater dress or your favourite ripped jeans, there are some important considerations that should to be kept in mind when getting ready for shopping. Steal these shopping outfit ideas by FD&K to look cute and comfy when you shop.

Avoid lots of layers

If you shop for clothes, then it’s obvious that you will try on many outfits. So, keep your outfit light and simple. Avoid lots of layers, as it will make it quite difficult to take them on and off in the dressing rooms.

Wear what you are comfortable in

When getting ready for a shopping day, remember the three C’s: cute, comfortable and casual. More importantly, make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing. Choose the most versatile and comfortable tee from your wardrobe. A simple t-shirt is easy to pull on and off in a changing room, plus it’s the ideal piece when trying on sweaters and jackets. Opt for neutral colours such as gray, oatmeal or white, which will match the majority of the colours you will be testing.

Avoid wearing flashy clothes

While you may be in love with your new party skater dress from your favourite online fashion store FD&K, it is not the right time to flaunt it when shopping. Reserve it for a party. When you go shopping with friends, opt for something comfortable like a long knit skirt. Besides being a fashionable choice, a long knit skirt is a dream come true for shopping fanatics. Unlike skinny jeans or pants with zippers, buttons and belts, a long skirt is easy to slip on and off. You can choose the length according to your own taste, but just make sure the hem isn’t dragging on the ground, as it might make you trip up.ex-lipsy-black-blue-floral-flowers-printed-pencil-bodycon-mini-dress-929-p[ekm]54x80[ekm]

While you may love the idea of shopping with your friends, if you are looking for branded and stunning clothes at highly discounted prices, then the only place to get such exclusive pieces is FD&K, a London-based company that not only ships worldwide but also offers a thirty day guarantee on all purchases as well as a generous rewards program. Whether you are looking for midi dresses or skater dresses online, the off-price online fashion retailer has the best selection of dresses, for the stylish you. Top brands, small prices.

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How Not To Wear Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are renowned for making you stylish and super feminine. Whether you decide to wear a long sleeve bodycon dress or a bodycon mini dress, this type of dresses certainly gives you that show-stopping, figure-hugging look. But there are certain mistakes that should be avoided at all costs as they can make the entire look go awry.

Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

If your desire is to flaunt your perfect figure, then by all means buy a bodycon dress from a reputed store like FD&K without batting an eyelid. Although some ladies may feel nervous when tying such a type of dress for the first time, bodycon dresses are the sexiest variety of dresses without a doubt and will certainly make you look like a glamorous diva. Please just keep the below details in mind:

  1. Do not feel shy: A bodycon dress is a figure-hugging dress that will accentuate your curves. Therefore, most women wearing this type of dress feel conscious about their bodies all the time and keep tugging at the hemlines, killing the entire look. So, whatever the type of bodycon you choose, and whether you opt for a bodycon mini dress or a bodycon midi dress, just make sure you wear it with confidence.
  2. Over accessorizing: Bodycon is not really a style which looks great with too much jewellery on. The best way to sport a bodycon dress is to combine it with a single statement piece. So, stash away your jewellery box and use your confidence as the main accessory!
  3. Wearing flats: The best way to kill your bodycon look is to wear flat sandals. The bodycon style is all about glamour and you will simply ruin the glam factor by opting for flat sandals. Choose boots or heels/pointed toe shoes instead.Bodycon Midi Dress
  4. Not wearing shapewear: The secret behind a perfect bodycon look is the right foundation garments. If you have a bulging tummy, then it’s difficult to look stylish. Wearing the correct shaper is the first step to looking awesome in your bodycon dress.
  5. Suffering in the cold: It’s great that you like wearing bodycon dresses at parties because people tell you that you look fantastic. But it can notoriously make you uncomfortable by keeping your skin out in the cold for long hours, especially in winter. So, please don’t let yourself suffer! Wearing a casual jacket with your bodycon dress can save you from bad moments and make you look stylish at the same time. Wearing a long sleeve party dress is another good option.

Bodycon dresses can make you look effortlessly stylish. Just make sure to avoid the above mistakes and you will be ready to impress the world with your style. For similar tips or to buy exclusive branded dresses at highly discounted prices, visit FD&K now at http://www.FDandK.com/. FD&K is a fabulous off-price online fashion retailer providing top-notch customer service.

Discover The New You With Great Style Tips By FD&K

As the season changes, we all crave for a different look to make us feel fresh and rejuvenated. But you don’t have to make drastic changes in your appearance to look different! Simple changes in your wardrobe can help you reinvent your image effortlessly. Here are some style tips by FD&K, the London-based ex catalogue clothing specialists, to help you discover your new you every day.

Changing your look is easy

If you are just following one style on a daily basis because you are comfortable wearing that type of clothes and accessories, then you are definitely missing fun and excitement. By trying some trendy ex floral skater dresses from top brands or by simply experimenting with your hair and with a couple of accessories, you can change your look entirely.To make easy changes to your appearance, consider the following:

Using scarves: The easiest way to change up an outfit is to use scarves. For example, winding a scarf around your neck instantly makes your plain jeans and T-shirt look more stylish. You can also use your favourite scarf as a pretty belt substitute.

Using jackets:  Stash different jackets in your closet to make quick changes on the fly that are much easier and noticeable.

Jewellery:  A statement piece can instantly jazz up your look. For example, you can use a stylish neckpiece with a beautiful stone and beaded trinkets to glam up any dress.

Experiment with dresses:  There are many dresses available today on reputed shopping websites like FD&K. You can choose from their wide selection of dresses. The more dresses you try, the easier it will become for you to figure out what looks best on you. From trendy skater dresses to sultry ex bodycon dresses online from top brands, you get the best brands here at very affordable prices. Here is a super quick guide to help you choose a dress in accordance with your body type:

Skinny girls: Peplum dresses.

Bottom-heavy: Go for A-line dresses.

Nipped waist dresses: To create the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Hour glass figure: Pencil dresses.

Short legs: High waist dresses.

Fashion fades, but style is eternal. You only have one life, so why be boring? Always look your best and visit FD&K’s online store to discover the most stylish dresses: find the ex Jane Norman dress of your dreams, ex Topshop clothes, ex Dorothy Perkins products and many more fabulous brand new and branded items that will make you not only look great but also feel like a million dollars when you wear them. From ex skater dresses online from top brands to stylish party gowns, FD&K have exciting ex branded clothing which will suit any style. All branded, exclusive, and highly discounted.

Try The Best Party Dresses This Season

Choosing the correct party outfit can be a difficult task. From sequined gowns to ex long floral bodycon dresses from top brands, there are so many options at hand. If you have been invited to a party and are still wondering what to wear, don’t worry! In this article, FD&K, a London-based off-price online fashion retailer offering ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing lines and accessories will discuss some of the best party outfits to try this season so that you look absolutely stunning.

Classic cocktail dress

Whether you go for a flirty strapless ex bodycon dress from a top brand or a flowy one, there’s no better party outfit than the classic cocktail dress. Check out the gorgeous designs FD&K have on offer and we are more than confident you will be able to create a very elegant and feminine style. Some details on certain dresses will give feminine grace to your outfit and make you really stand out.

Opt for a floor length gown

If you have been invited to a formal party, go for a floor length gown and arrive in style! You’ll look absolutely stunning with a cascading gown and its timeless look. Features like a plunging neckline, an empire waist or pleats will give you a party-ready look.

Say yes to flares

A dress with a flared design will give you all the style you need for an unforgettable party. Say yes to the most stylish collections of floral skater dresses available at FD&K’s ex catalogue clothing store. The UK-based company really brings forth the most fashionable styles at highly discounted prices. Their online shop reflects some of the most recent trends and the very best of London’s women street style. You may even go for lace styles with quirky cut out details! Complete your look with the right accessories and you are sure to make heads turn.

Choose to wear an ex bodycon midi dress from top brand

A sparkling ex bodycon midi dress from a top high street brand in a well-chosen colour that captures and reflects the light beautifully is the kind of dress you must try to wear this season. Ex bodycon midi dresses from well-known brands, if accessorized properly, can make you the star of the evening. At FD&K, you can find gorgeous ex Lipsy London dresses such as bodycon midi dresses and many other on-trend, quality yet cheap ex branded clothes online. From party dresses to casual dresses, they have the most stylish collections to glam up your everyday look.

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Which Dresses Suit Skinny Girls The Most?

Most people assume that slim girls are lucky because they can wear anything and look good in it. But the fact is, dressing up can be really tricky if you have a skinny frame. However, by investing in some key fashion items and avoiding some fashion no-no’s, a girl with a skinny body type can make heads turn. So, here are some style tips for ultra slim girls, brought to you by FD&K, the leading online store for the latest fashion clothings.

Peplum dresses

You can add curves to your frame with peplum style dresses and tops. Since peplum is already an exaggerated style, you should try to keep your accessories to a minimum. To accentuate your waist, wear a short and cute jacket with your peplum dress or top. To add volume to your hips, you can wear a dress with a puffy peplum that ends in the mid-section of your hips.

Skater dresses

The way a skater dress flies out from the waist creates a flattering and feminine shape and makes you look less skinny. Add layers to your skater dress: wear a cardigan with it for a feminine day look. You can buy the best skater dresses online by visiting FD&K. Skinny belts paired with a skater dress will add shape to your outfit and accentuate your small waist.B00KLCP17O_1

Bodycon dress

The right way to wear a bodycon midi dress if you are skinny is to stick to thicker fabrics that will help shape your body, instead of just clinging to it. You can even wear a stylish belt on your hips to give the illusion of more curves in that one area.

Which colours to wear?

Colour is an important factor to consider when choosing any dress. Avoid wearing black and other dark tones that have slimming features. Go for whites and other bright colours to look fuller.

Getting dressed becomes a lot more fun and easier when you know which dresses work the best for your shape. Use the above style tips from FD&K’s fashion experts and select the most stylish dresses at highly discounted prices, by visiting their website http://www.FDandK.com/.

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Tips To Get Branded Clothes For Less

Branded clothes and accessories do not come cheap, especially when you think of items like coats, shoes, and handbags. But just because your budget is not very big doesn’t mean you can’t have any clothes from top brands in your closet! All you have to do is find the right suppliers and buy ex branded clothes from a reputable company. Here are some tips by FD&K, the best place to buy cheap branded clothes online.

Why buy ex branded clothing?   

Branded clothes offer superior quality and are durable. They make you look good and are generally well fitted too. No matter what your reason is for buying high-end clothes, the trick is to avoid paying high prices – which is easier said than done – and this is where ex branded clothes come in. Here’s what you can do to save yourself money:

Take advantage of off-season sales

You can get amazing discounts by shopping off-season as the retailers try to make space for their new collections. You might have to make extra room in your cupboard for a few months, but it’s an idea worth considering as you can shop for your favourite brands without burning a hole in your pocket.

Shop online at FD&K

If you are looking for top branded clothes and exclusive items at incredible prices, then you should clearly shop at FD&K, a popular ex catalogue clothing store in the UK. They are a London-based company and on their website, you can find branded clothes such as Ex Dorothy Perkins dresses, Ex Topshop clothes, ex Miss Selfridge items, etc. You might even find the Ex Jane Norman dress you’ve been dreaming of in their store! They sell brand new items at highly discounted prices, sometimes at up to 75% less than the RRP – Recommended Retail Price – and at a significant discount to the price in a department store or on the high street. Whether you are looking for funky skater dresses or stylish bodycon dresses online, you can really find some top brands at FD&K, and at unbelievably low prices. Just keep in mind their stock is exclusive and limited on any product line.

Check the internet for discount coupons

Savvy shoppers suggest checking the Internet for discount coupons before leaving the house. And they’re probably right! Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget to visit the websites of the brands that you like frequently to see if they’re discounting any nice lines. Or will be discounting them soon. Subscribe to your favourite brands’ newsletters for example. You should also keep a check on your nearby stores for the seasonal sale and discounts.

There’s just something about branded clothes. No doubt they are a bit pricey, but everyone wants to own them.

The good news is that branded clothes don’t always have to cost you a lot of money. Use the expert tips from this blog or simply visit FD&K for top quality branded clothes reflecting the very best of London’s women street style, at unbelievable prices. Only top brands and small prices, coupled with a high level of service, a nice rewards program and worldwide shipping.

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Finding The Best Party Dress To Make Heads Turn In A Party

Finding the best party dress can be a daunting task, considering the number of styles and varieties that are available these days in stores. According to fashion experts at FD&K, when it comes to selecting your party dress, the main emphasis should be on finding a dress that suits your figure, accentuates your best features and goes well with your personal style. Here are some tips by FD&K, the best online clothes store for women to help you shine at any event.

Consider the dress code

One of the main things to consider when choosing your party dress is the dress code. After all, nobody wants to look like the‘odd one out’ in a party. Women generally have quite some flexibility when it comes to choosing a party dress, however the formality of the occasion has to be kept in mind. For example, for a formal evening affair, you can wear a long sleeve party dress with classy jewellery. For casual events, you can put on a bodycon dress with a waist belt.

Choose a dress that complements your skin tone

If you have a warm toned complexion, you will look great in earth tones including reds, yellows, and browns. On the other hand, if you have a cool-toned complexion you will dazzle like a diva in greens, blues and purples. People with a neutral complexion look great in all colours. A wide range of branded and highly discounted dresses in various colours and designs are available at FD&K. From sequin party dresses to classic LBD’s, find the best styles at FD&K.long sleeve bodycon dress

Pick a dress that suits your body type

Your body shape also determines the best party dress style that will complement your personality. Here are some important styles to consider for different body shapes:

Pear shaped: A-line dresses look perfect on such body types.

Inverted Triangle: High waisted styles like empire waist dresses look great on this body type.

Rectangle Figure: Scoop necks and sweetheart-necked dresses complement this body type perfectly.

Hourglass figure: Wrap dresses, long sleeve bodycon dress, A-line dresses and high waist styles are all flattering.

Use these tips to find an outfit that makes heads turn and brings out the diva in you. And to find the best party dresses from top brands at small prices, visit FD&K at http://www.FDandK.com/.

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